PT.Surya Andalan Global Abadi was officially estabilished in 2016 as a soap manufacturing company in Medan, North Sumatera-Indonesia. As a part of Jampalan Baru Group (est.1978),  highly proficient in the soap industry, running a family-owned with ISO-certified level of operation in Asahan. 

In addittion to our well-equipped facility and human resources, our company also has a long-standing reputation in the basics of soap manufacturing, including a private-owned palm oil plantation and palm mill. As one of the largest palm oil providers in the region, we’re able to maintain stable supply, quality and price for soap ingredients. As such, PT. Surya Andalan Global Abadi is one of the few experts to offer an ALL-IN & comprehensive soap manufacturing solutions in the market.

Our Milestones in Brief

1978 - Founded PT. Jampalan Baru
1991 - Awarded the Upakarti Honor by former President Soeharto

( Recognized as a dedicated and pioneering business in the industry)
1992 - First Palm Oil Mill
2004 - Acquired private-own plantation
2004 - First export of Soap Noodles
2015 - Attained ISO Certification ( PT. Jampalan Baru)
2015 - Second Palm Oil Mill
2016 - Founded PT. Surya Andalan Global Abadi
2017 - Attained Palm Oil Kosher Certification

Operating at an ISO-level in management and operation, our company focuses on both personal work performances as well as collective success. Our staff work toward a mutual goal in delivering precise products for the satisfaction of our clients, including fulfilling the export demand to various worldwide destinations from Africa, Middle East and other locations.

With over 40 years of expertise, supporting resources and excellent team in the business, PT. Surya Andalan Global Abadi is set to be a modern installation as well as business expansion with heavily-experienced support in all aspects.

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Our Office

PT. Surya Andalan Global Abadi
Jl. Pulau Karimun 2, KIM II
Desa Saentis, Percut Sei Tuan
Kabupaten Deli Serdang,
Sumatera Utara, 20242

Phone: +62 (061) 8880 9377
WA : +62 823 7080 9388