• Total Integrated Solution

With a business background in palm oil, PT. Surya Andalan Global Abadi offers a total integrated solution in soap manufacturing industry. Our 2.000 hectare palm oil plantation is located in Asahan and is fully supported with a palm oil mill with 45T/H capacity. This gives us the leverage as one of the few soap manufactures who has direct control of supply, quality, and the price of raw ingredients for the benefit of our clients. We also handle other standard services, such as artwork design, packaging, delivery and others.


  • Proven Track Record

PT.Surya Andalan Global Abadi has a proven track record of over 40 years in the business and counting. Our team consists of highly-trained professionals with first-hand knowledge and genuine passion in soap-making, particulary for soap noodle and soap bar. We are extremely particular with specification requests and have successfully deliver precise end products for the satisfaction of our clients.


  • ISO Standard Practice

Operating at ISO-Certified level, PT.Surya Andalan Global Abadi applies the similar methods of operation and management in the footsteps of our other company. This has enabled our facility to perform at its maximum capacity and is ready to undertake existing challenges and more, including getting our own ISO certification in the near future.


  • Competitive Pricing

There are many supporting elements that gives our clients pricing leverage : Our business background in palm oil industry, cost effective management, low percentage of production errors, and highly strategic location with access to Belawan Port. For these reasons, we’re able to stand out with affordable yet quality solutions compared to the rest.


  • Quality & Excellence

Quality is at the core of our business. To achieve excellence, w evaluate and maintain all existing resources in the best condition, including our human resources. From running at the optimum production level, good governance in management, to through quality control until the finishing touches, local and global clients can have the full confidence they deserve.

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PT. Surya Andalan Global Abadi
Jl. Pulau Karimun 2, KIM II
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Kabupaten Deli Serdang,
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Phone: +62 (061) 8880 9377
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